Class Details

Beginner Classes

The Beginner classes will be focused on getting used to the Unity Interface while building some simple 2D games.

Each student gets to select from 4 options on what game to make as their own project. There is no time limit to complete the project. Students progress at their own pace.

Not much coding will be done at this stage.

Intermediate Classes

This is where things get really exciting! We introduce coding in C#, animation, world modeling and we will be making 3D games. A student will choose a game of their own choice to make over the course of a few months (or however long they’re willing to work on it)

Games will be fully fledged containing menu’s, a revenue generating model. We will get the games out into the world either by publishing it on a website or the Google Play Store for mobile devices!

Advanced Classes

For those serious about pursuing game development as a career, this will give you the right start.

Advanced coding in C#, and Unity concepts will be covered.

The games that will be made at this level include First Person Shooters, Strategy, Multiplayer games, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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