Unity Playground Lunar Landar – Part 3

This is the final installment of the Lunar Lander series.We finish off by adding the rocks, background and moon.

Unity Interface for 3D – Write your name

Write your name in 3D using unity primitive 3D objects. This is another exercise on getting you comfortable with the Unity interface in 3D. Once you’ve completed this exercise you should be comfortable with moving around the scene in 3D space. You will get good practice with rotating and scaling objects. Add to this snappingContinue reading “Unity Interface for 3D – Write your name”

Unity Playground – Defender Part 3

Unity Playground comes with a nice example game called Defender. The player controls a turret on the ground and uses it defend the base from asteroids that fall from the sky. In this last tutorial of the series we will add in the asteroid spawner, explosion effects and the user interface for displaying our scoreContinue reading “Unity Playground – Defender Part 3”